Ward 3 Thornton City Council


The challenges Thornton faces.



Public Safety

Police and Fire Emergency Services are core functions that the City of Thornton provides for its citizens. Well-trained, properly equipped Police Officers and Fire Emergency Personnel results in professional services to the citizens of Thornton. Everyone is entitled to feel safe, secure, and confident their needs will be met in the event of an emergency.


Infrastructure can be broken down into three main parts:

  1. Water: Which encompasses the delivery mechanisms and quality.

  2. Transportation: The overall availability of the RTD Commuter Train, road maintenance and traffic mitigation.

  3. Energy: Increasing Thornton’s utilization of renewable resources, promoting energy efficient technologies that not only save the citizens money, but are beneficial to the environment.


Economic development is vital to the continued health and growth of Thornton. We need to create a long-term vision with our own community identity. A robust local economy by encouraging a diverse array of jobs, unified housing; shopping, cultural, entertainment and restaurant districts. We also need to create city policies that are appealing to small business which encourage growth and reinvestment into Thornton.


Affordable housing

Everyone should have an opportunity to have a home of their own if they choose. Affordable housing is a complicated issue, and there are many factors at stake that can determine what is affordable and what is not. As a general rule, the more significant number of regulatory requirements in home construction will increase the overall cost of the home, which in turn, will be passed down to the consumer.  A common-sense approach is needed to help everyone purchase a home that meets their needs.