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League of Women Voters Education Fund questionnaire responses

Here are my responses to the 3 questions asked by vote911.org

Q1. How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City? 

  • As a city leader it is very important to be fiscally responsible with tax payer revenue regardless of the overall economic status of Thornton. We need to hold ourselves accountable to the citizens and make sure we are investing in projects our community needs. By setting clear and transparent financial plans, we can better protect Thornton’s projected needs in the event of an economic downturn. In general terms, I would prioritize spending in the following three categories; Public Safety, Infrastructure and Economic Growth policies.


Q2. What are two of your greatest concerns in your City over the next four years and how would you address them?

Economic Growth

  • We need to look at the tax incentives which are offered in Thornton.  It’s one way to encourage developers, businesses and private citizens to make investments which benefit the community.  By helping people and businesses get part of their money back, in the form of tax relief, it makes it easier for citizens to spend money. Having a variety of quality retail, restaurants and performing arts centers encourages a shop local mentality. This has many positive results for the public good, depending on the business. Tax incentives can potentially create more local jobs, more tax revenue, which leads to the possibility of additional funding for reinvestment into infrastructure and community health projects.


  • We need to maintain and expand on the services and operations that the city provides the citizens of Thornton. This means that city facilities, buildings, streets, parks, and agencies should have the proper attention and resources dedicated to them as we continue to maintain and improve the quality of life for everyone in our city. As the city grows and the needs of our citizens evolve, we must be prepared to anticipate those challenges and plan for meeting the challenges proactively so that our infrastructure exceeds the expectations of the people in Thornton.


Q3.Describe your style of conflict resolution.

  • I would describe my style as a hybrid of compromise and collaboration. It is important for me to gather information and facts from all different perspectives prior to making a decision. I find that often we are all trying to get to the same solution but differ on the approach. Generally I can find common ground among the concerned parties and use that foundation to build towards a resolution. In trying to resolve any matter of conflict between people, I try to work from a philosophical belief that we are all way more alike than our differences might have us believe. 

David Acunto