Ward 3 Thornton City Council


Stayed informed about our campaign

Regarding the forum

 With regard to the candidate forum occurring on 10/17/19, I was provided less than a four-day notice for the event. I have professional and more importantly, private family events that I committed myself to several weeks ago that conflict with the specified date and time of the forum. These commitments regretfully could not be changed. The organizer, a private citizen, has acknowledged and apologized for the extremely short notice. However, they made no visible effort to reschedule the hastily planned event nor offered any alternative dates prior to the given notice. I apologize for my unavoidable absence and thank you for your continued support. 

 I encourage those that have questions about how I stand on issues to read publicly posted questionnaire responses in the Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel newspaper, on their website (https://northglenn-thorntonsentinel.com) or the League of Women Voters Education Fund website (https://www.vote411.org ). Additionally, I can be contacted directly at info@davidforthornton.org or 720-295-9850.

David Acunto