Ward 3 Thornton City Council


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Leadership Through Accountability

Tonight I am proud to officially announce I am running for Thornton City Council (Ward 3). I am tired of seeing negative political discourse ruining our interpersonal relationships. It has caused division among friends and colleagues; nothing seems to get done. Politicians are afraid to reach across the political aisle. I am not scared; I will stand up for our community and do what is right. I will hold myself accountable to the people of Thornton because that is what's right and what a leader is expected to do.

Too many big egos sitting on Thornton City Council. Concerned more with making a name for themselves than serving the citizens they were elected to serve. It’s time to change that.

I encourage you to visit my website www.davidforthornton.org, like my page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. If you believe in my message, consider making a contribution, even a small amount can make a huge difference. If finances are tight, there are plenty of nonmonetary ways to help.

Everyone has an ego, it drives the most successful people in life. They want to win, to be the best, that’s good. But when the ego clouds judgment and prevents us from seeing the world as it is, egos become destructive.

-Jocko Wilkins & Leif Babin