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Did you Know?

Of the top 6 most populated cities in Colorado, Thornton is the only city without its own probation department.

Q: What does this mean on a practical level?


  • There are no municipal domestic violence charges in Thornton. All charges associated with domestic violence must be written into Adams County.

  • Local community service and restorative criminal justice programs are impracticable.

  • Less local control for the City of Thornton.

Q: How does this affect victims of Domestic Violence?


  • Often we associate Domestic Violence with the violent physical act (assault, property damage, etc). However, there are strong elements of psychological violence involving corrosion, manipulation, isolation and financial control often intertwined within the physical act itself. Those that work in the criminal justice field know and understand that there are a multitude of reasons why it is difficult for a victim to testify in court. Child care, transportation, time away from work, family pressure, social shame are all factors. By forcing a victim to travel extended distances, when ongoing struggles are already a factor, we are adding more unnecessary barriers in the pursuit of justice.

Q: How does this affect offenders of Domestic Violence or other municipal crimes in which probation is appropriate ?


  • Not having local probation can increase the likelihood of an offender failing their probation sentence and recirculating back into the criminal justice system. The goal of the criminal justice system should be rehabilitation and assimilation into society, not an endless circle of reoffending.